Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

May everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

May everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe it, I have only sewed 47 items this year and only 41 went to the B. House kids. The year is not over so I still have time. I have a few jackets cut out and some pants (boy/girl), so once Christmas is over I need to get busy sewing.

Over all in the Sewing club we hit an all time high of 879 items made this year for the kids at the B. House. For only being 12 members I think that is great. All but 4 work full time and I am the only one with kids at home.

One thing I did notice this year was that there was not much clothing made for boys. I made a few tops, pants and pj's, so I think I need to work on that in 2011. All the fabric and patterns that are donated is mostly for girls, so I will have to break our only rule and go buy fabric/patterns suitable for boys.

Another thing the directors at the B. House asked for were; tote bags, that way the mothers can carry their belongings in (instead of trash bags) and so the kids have something to carry their little personal items in (for school too). They also asked for socks and under wear for the kids. We agreed we can purchase those items only if we want too. We are a sewing club (need to make that clear).

Not much else going on here, we did have snow, but it is long gone. Working the fundraiser at Borders everyday and it has been a big headache this year. Sooo glad I won't be doing it next year, yes, I passed it on after 6 years.

Ok, I better get off I have Borders and need to start my Christmas shopping today.

Take Care,


***I need to change/update this blog, Emily left me and started her own blog, so I need to make changes (maybe after Christmas).

Friday, December 17, 2010

First Snow for 2010

We had SNOW. Not much, but enough to give the schools a 2 hour delay. Emily and Matthew went out early and built this guy.

Then it was off to school where we had my kinder class and Matthew's 4th grade class (they are book buddies) New Mexico traditions party (OK, we all know it was a Christmas party, but we can't say that out loud). It was a pot luck and boy did we have food. A lot of parents went, so it was really nice. Then the kids watched Toy Story 3 together. It was a lot of fun, but boy am I tired.
Finished classes and passed. Vacation started from work today, but I am doing a fundraiser for band/girl scouts/boy scouts at the Borders bookstores which will take up all of my time this week. We wrap gifts for donations and so far no one is donating. Its going to be a long week.
All I want to do is sew.
Till next time,
Take care

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Only 3 classes left

Only 3 classes left and then I am done for this semester. Can't wait till next Tuesday and then on some of my evenings I can get back to sewing. I have so many things cut out and a lot of ideas I want to try. Winter break also starts next Friday, so I will have time to sit at the sewing machine.

I do have the band fundraiser at Borders, but not as many days as last year. Not enough parents or students.

The Boy Scouts go for the Christmas trees this Sat. and Matt has been invited to go with them. It will be his first mountain/hiking/Scouting trip with out me (I have class). Kevin will be there, but they keep siblings apart. He is excited, I am nervous. Any new ideas for lunch would be appreciated, we are tired of the same thing.

I am ready for the break from work. In all my years with Girl/Boy Scouts, and being an EA, I have never had to use my 1st aid as I have had too this school year. I had hope I would never need it, but glad I had it.

Off to work, everyone have a good day.

Take Care,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some sewing

Here is some of the sewing I have done. Not the best of pictures, I was trying to get to sewing club. I also forgot to take pictures of all the other pants I had made. At least they went to the kids at the homeless shelter. Its getting cold here so I will be making more pants and better jackets (I hope).

This is a deep purple top.

Corduroy pants.

Corduroy pants.

Quilted fabric jacket and I tried to line it. Not a good job and not a good idea to try new things when your tired. But, it is warm and hopefully some
little girl will like it.

Take care,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still here

Wow, I can't believe how fast time is passing. Here are a few pictures of what has happen. The pictures are backwards for some reason. I am having trouble downloading, so just go with the flow on this post.

The Girl Scouts gave a Halloween party for the kids at Pres. Hospital. Emily went as Mini Mouse, I made this outfit the Friday night before Halloween. This little guy was attracted to Emily and would not let her go. He would pull her Mickey ears and just look at her. he was soo cute. She did not mind.

The boys carving pumpkins. We (all the kids) went Trick o Treating with a friend. We had a lot of fun and the kids got a lot of candy. We left DH at the house to pass out candy and for the first time he ran out of candy and had to turn out the lights early.

At the last Del Norte football game, Matthew got to conduct the band. He had a blast. This is something he had been "dreaming" of doing. He did a great job.

The Cub Scouts had their rain gutter regatta boat race. Here Matthew is racing his boat. He lost, but had a great time.
I have gotten some sewing done. I just need to add elastic and take pictures. I have off work today so I am off to sew some more. Home work and house work will just have to wait. I need to relax, I mean sew.
Take care,

Monday, November 8, 2010

power out

The power went out over the weekend and boy was it great. No distractions just relaxation. Back soon with what has been happening over here.

Enjoy your week.

Take Care,


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures have to wait

Tomorrow has not come for the pictures I said I'd put up. The kids downloaded them into the other computer and I have not transferred them. I am also done with mid-terms. Talk about stress. Other issues in my life:

My God daughters college roommate committed suicide and my God daughter is is taking it hard.

My kids are under stress with school and homework. (Me too)

What the public schools are doing to the special ed. programs and students.

At work its nothing but stress (my room teachers is never here. I have had a sub in the room for over a week now, a sub who does nothing.) Every morning we have meetings, um EA's don't get paid to be there, but our principal is using the "As a team player you have too." or "There are other EA's who need a job."

I will be making a phone call to the union.

Any way gotta get to work.

Have a great weekend.

Take Care,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still here and Balloons

Wow! I can't believe how fast the months are going. I have been busy. Between working my two jobs (O.K. drama club is only an hour, but a very long hour), band for the older ones, volleyball for Em. Scouts for all three. There does not seem time for anything. Not to mention my classes which are coming along. Mid term exams are coming up in two weeks. Am I ready NO.

Kevin's Eagle project has taken all our spare time for the past three weeks. Tonight he is finishing the assembly. Four chairs and a bench for the BH homeless shelter for Women and Children. The same place I sew the children's clothing for.

Here he is working hard. Tomorrow morning Kevin along with some other Scouts and the family will go deliver them, pull weeds and rake the sand in the sand box. It's fall break for us so its a perfect time to deliver and work. Now the hard part is the write up of the project.

I have been sewing here and there, so I will have some pictures soon. Guilt is consuming me. Its getting cold and I really need to get some pants and blankets sewn up for the kids at BH. I wish I had more time to sew.

Work is a struggle everyday, still getting used to being in Kindergarten/Special Ed. Kinder it gets hard with so many kids, but at the same time I enjoy them. I hurt my knee about two weeks ago when one of the students about fell and I went to catch him (he can not really see and is not stable in walking), so every day I have been icing my knee, but its not getting any better. I hope this weekend I can rest it and it gets better. Keep your fingers crossed I didn't really damage it.

Any way. Here in Albuquerque it is Balloon Fiesta time. The weather has been great this year and there are so many balloons up every day. It is so awesome to see hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky. Today was the special shaped ones and of course I had to work so we missed them. I plan to take the kids out tomorrow early to see if we catch them.

Here are a few pictures for you. I will share more tomorrow.

Matthew in front of one as it was inflating. (By the way he turned 10 last month)

Both of these were preparing for lift off.

You can get the feel of what part of the sky looks like.
Take care,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

He likes: legos, starwars, math, softball, drawing, playing out side, digging, his PBC pipes, playing his trombone, sewing bears, computer games, cub scouts, hiking, his older brothers, his older sister. He also likes making things, woodworking, helping his dad and mom, housework, bugging mom with silly question's, having mom read to him and now drama.

Today he is 10 years old. Happy Birthday Matthew. I love you very much.

Softball July 2010

Take Care everyone,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Overwhelmed but still stitching

Hi everyone. Yes, I am still around, just overwhelmed with work, school and family. Kindergarten wears me out, then I go to school so tired.

Love my Spanish class even though I get out at 10:00 p.m. The instructor is great. My math class I don't like. The instructor makes so many mistakes (its mostly a self taught class). My business class is OK and is going to be a lot of work. The kids have band, volleyball and scouts keeping DH and I driving everywhere. Then there is homework mine and the kids and that's alot. Loosing a lot of sleep around here.

To relax (trying) I have been stitching "snowmen" in blue. Blue work instead of Red work. Not sure why, but its kind of calming.

This Holiday weekend has me cooking and freezing pinto beans. Roasting some green chile. Frying burger meat and freezing it. This way me (or the kids) can make quick dinners. Burritos are easy and filling this way and I don't have to worry about them cooking on the stove, its put in a bowl, add a few ingredient and put in the microwave.

Have a Enjoyable Labor Day weekend:)

Take care,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to work

Work has started for me. I am in a class room with 27 kinders, 6 are Special Ed., 1 is not potty trained and needs to be feed, 2 near potty trained, 1 E.D. and a runner, and 1 is a stroke victim. In the general ed we have 4 kiddos that just turned 5 (so young), and they act it, they are too young to be in a class room. They are lost and do a lot of crying, some don't even know how to use scissors and are afraid of the water fountain. I have my hands full. I don't do any duty because I have to stay with my 6 (which the other duties are upset about), but I do have to go to P.E., Music and library. So it makes for a long day.

We took Brian to NMSU to his little apartment. Sad to leave him there.

My kids started school and so far things are going good. We are all getting used to getting up at 5 am and getting the two older ones on school property a few minutes before 6 am. Things will be changing next week when I start my classes.

Yes, you heard right. Classes. I am a full time student. I will be studying Spanish (speaking, reading, writing and heritage). I have been a translator at the school I work at for the past year and would like to help all our Spanish speaking students more (it also pays more). So off to school I go.

No sewing has been done, but I got a lot of fun yarn stuff that my late mother-in-law made/stated and did not finish, so I will be working on that.

Take care,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little of nothing

A few pictures from our front yard in Taos.

This is the front gate at my in-laws home in Taos. Part of the Taos Mountain can be seen in the back ground.

Wow, can't believe summer is over. I go back to work Thursday. The kids have already started sports and band camp. They start school next week. We take Brian back to college this weekend.
Take Care,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barbie is cold

My great niece is in NM from TX and was here at the house yesterday. She played with Emily's Barbie and found it neat that Em's barbies had sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. So while she went on to Taos this tia (aunt) got to work and made a sleeping bag with pillow, a quilted blanket with pillow and a blanket with a pillow. My niece will be picking them up tomorrow. She does know about them and has seen pictures from Em's phone. The Barbie in the photo's is mine from when I was a kid.

Hope her Barbies stay warm.
Take Care,

A few summer outfits

Here are a few summer outfits I made for sewing club. It's still hot out here so the kids will still get to wear these. The evenings are getting cooler so I want to start on pants and warmer things.

A pair of Capri's. They have more brown than the picture shows.

A gauze summer top and Capri's.

Summer top and shorts. (love the fabric of the top)

Summer pink top and shorts.

Not much sewing has been done, I have some other things cut out, but have not found the time to sew. I feel so guilty. I know these kids need bags to carry school stuff so I want to get a few made up. It has to be this week because I start work next week :(
I also am returning to school. I have a Associate Degree, but need more schooling (my Bachelor's). I really don't want to be an EA all my life. I will be taking some Spanish classes (we are getting more and more children who's first language is Spanish) so I need to learn all I can. I will start classes at the end of the month. So my sewing will slow down even more, but if I can make 2 things a month I will be happy. Blankets and kid friendly totes are easy and needed going into fall and winter. Some pants will also be made, they are easy to make too.
Take care,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some sewing has been done

Wow, can't believe its been more than two weeks. A lot has happen in my side of the world. As you know Kevin went with Boy Scouts on a two week outing. They went to Yellowstone (site seeing), Glacier National Park (backpacking), Grand Teton (rafting) and Durango to the Bar-D restaurant (a tradition for this troop). Everyone arrived safe and sound, however my son and a few other came back with a bad cough. Kevin is recovering well.

We also went to Taos for the "zero" party. A family reunion on my mom side of the family. Any one who turns 10, 20, 50 or 100 gets money (bill wise to equal age) pinned on them. Brian will turn 20 this year, so relatives pinned 20 dollar bills on him. Matthew will be turning 10 so he got 10 dollar bills. Both boys made quite a bit of money.

Let's see what else: oh yes; Emily. Emily was in the Youth Aviation Club last week. She spent the week on the Air Force Base learning about Aviation. Last Thursday she got to fly a small air craft. Emily was up flying around Albuquerque for over an hour and an half. She went with her friend Caroline and her brother Joseph. These three did great. So glad they got to go. And the program was free. They learned a lot.

On Thursday they lady that ran the program let Matthew and I tag along. And because a girl did not show up and they had a spot open for flying, she asked Matthew if he wanted to go up and fly. He said yes and went up for about an hour, he also got to fly on his own.

Driving them to and from base was hectic, a lot of driving. I was also in pain and had some dental work done and landed up with nerve damage on a bottom molar. Went three times to get it fixed plus re-do the feeling they had put in, plus a new feeling plus my sinus's have been bothering. Feel better today.

Among all this I did get some sewing done. No pictures of the children's clothing yet, but fulled around with doll clothes. Love making it now just need to find a source to sell it.

Two aprons and one top.

This is the fabric the sewing club ladies saved for me, I need to get busy on these. Its mostly fall weather fabric.

My in laws front gate in Taos, with the Taos mountain in the background.

My mom with my oldest son Brian and youngest son Matthew. (Kevin was on a Boy Scout outing and Emily did not want her picture taken at this time).

Well that's it for now. I need to get Brian to the Dr. his knees are bothering him, and Kevin needs more signatures for his Eagle project today.
Take Care,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whew its been a long week

It started with Kevin and his driving lessons with a driving school in the area. This is him in the car he got to drive, he said he liked it better than my Dodge Durango :(. Oh well, I like my car.

Then, Kevin again, got ready over the weekend, packing for the Boy Scout trip to Yellowstone National Park (lucky, a place I would love to go to) instead we're paying for him to go for 2 weeks. They left Monday and should have gotten to Yellowstone last night. I won't hear from him till Friday or Saturday..

This is his last big trip with the troop, hopefully he will complete his Eagle Project soon. This guy is also a senior in high school. How did that happen.

I have also been trying to get paper work going for me to return to college. It has (is) a long process. Need to get my transcripts from NMSU where I got my Associate Degree a long, long time ago.

I also had sinus problems these past two weeks and now a tooth ache, going to the dentist tomorrow and pray this will a clear up. I have things to do.

At sewing club I was given a bag full of fabric. Yards not pieces. YEA!! I just need to be pain free and have energy to sew something up.

That's it.

Take Care,


Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are back

We went to Taos over the weekend. My sister and her family were down from Amarillo, TX. So the whole family was together. While watching the fire work show the boys did some small ones for the kids. The kids enjoyed being with their cousins. The photo was taken with my cell phone that's why its small.

We also took a drive up the mountains. Up to Garcia Park and came down in Rio Chiquito. Emily and Matthew had a blast playing in the river. Sandwiches taste so good in the mountains.

Rio Chiquito.

View from Garcia Park.

Hope you all had a safe a wonderful 4th of July.
I also finished all the Boy Scout neckerchiefs and delivered them.
Take Care,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

May everyone have a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

Take Care,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother Nature At Work

Dark clouds, Thunder, lightning, and a rainbow, but no rain. Hopefully later in the evening.

Take care,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Archery and Sewing

I have been sewing neckerchief's for the Boy Scouts. They will be going to Yellow Stone National Park in 3 weeks and some of the boys have lost theirs. We also have several new boys. Four are done, still need 9 more, I am making extras. These take a lot of time so my sewing hour is taken up and my quilt has been on hold, so has sewing for the homeless shelter. I wish I had more time to sew. The ladies in my group tell me I will have plenty of time when the kids are gone. That's True. Right now my family comes first.

This is Matthew at the Archery Range with Cub Scouts. He learned this during Cub Scout camp with smaller and cheaper equipment and then the Pack went to the Archery Range with real bows and arrows and he did great and loved it.

Over the weekend end we went to Las Cruces to take Brian to a Drum line meeting. Then we took off to El Paso, Texas. We drove around just looking at the city and showed the kids the Mexican Border. They did not realize how close the border is to us and now know why its in the news a lot.

We also got to peek into the windows of Brian's apartment. It is small and on the other side of the campus, but it will be perfect for him.

In other news, Kevin got his learners permit. So now he will be driving me around every where (pray for me). I get very nervous when the boys drive. I have also taken Emily out on a few driving lessons (she will get her permit next year). My mom gave Kevin my dad's truck (Toyota) and he is so excited to have his own vehicle. He is also is the process of looking for colleges. CSU and NMSU are on top of his list. He also got the results from his ACT test and boy he got a great score. He does not want me to post the score because he is thinking of take the test again to see if he can beat his own score.
Yesterday it rained. We had not seen that much rain in a while. It was a great site. Some of the streets (the main one's I drive on) flooded. Lucky we stayed home and enjoyed the rain. It also brought nice cool weather.
Better scoot I have a house to clean.
Take Care,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Whole lot of nothing

Not much going on. Watching the kids while they are in the pool, Softball, Tennis (ok, the kids and I are trying to teach ourselfs), sewing and guilt.

I am sewing, but feel very guilty because I am not sewing for the homeless shelter. I am sewing a quilt for me. Hope to be done with it this weekend.

At least I am sewing something. Pictures to come soon.

Take care,


Monday, June 14, 2010

Frustration and sewing

Here are the two dresses I made a few weeks ago for my Sewing Club. Because I don't know who wears them, I don't have sizes. So, I just made tie straps so the child can adjust the length.

The "Cow" dress. Size 6.

Red dress with starts. Size 2.

I missed Sewing Club this Saturday and was unable to get these delivered. I spent the day with my mom, youngest sister, aunt and uncle. We went to an indoor flea market and had a blast. I did not purchase anything. My sister found some great dishes.
This little top is causing some of the frustration. My sewing machine just did not want to work with us, spent a lot of time with my seam riper. I would like to make some shorts, but out of all the fabric I have I can't find anything to go with this hot pink. I will have to keep looking.
Size 2

As I was looking for fabric, I decided to clean up my patterns. I had tried making a McCall's top and McCall's and I don't get along (never have, don't know why I kept trying). Major frustration and waste of fabric. Sooo, I gathered all my McCall's patters and will be taking them to Sewing Club next time. Hope fully some of the ladies over there can use them.
Also, I decided to go through my fabric. I just have pieces here and there, because I don't purchase fabric for sewing (its all donated), I get it all from the Sewing Club (that's the point of the Sewing Club). I am thinking I need to go get some basic colors to help make a complete outfit, not just dresses. Also, I need some fabric for boys. Its just frustrating that I don't have pieces large enough to make what I want too.

Well I think I have cooled down a bit, so off to do some cutting of some tops like above. They don't take much fabric and great to use up the pieces I have.
Take Care,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been a while

I am still alive, just busy. We finished with Cub Scout camp and Matthew did great. He climbed a 25 foot rock wall, did a little archery, and was the top shooter in BB guns. He did scout skills, arts and crafts and built a catapult. (I don't have pictures they are in Emily's camera)

I have been sewing just need to take pictures.

I also celebrated my 44th birthday on Sunday and DH and kids made it special. Matthew made me an origami dress. (he managed to find a YouTube video and copied it). I will be framing it soon. Need to keep an eye on him more when he is on the computer. Kevin and Brian made me a cake in the toaster oven (my big oven has been broken for a few months). And Emily made the card. Love those homemade cards. DH got KFC, love my chicken. It was celebrated with family doing really nothing. A great day.

I will be back with some pictures.

Take Care,


Friday, May 28, 2010


School is out for the summer, sooo its vacation time. Yea!! Sewing to come (as soon as I clean my sewing area).

Take care,


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

This guy crossed over to a Webelo Scout.
He went to the mountains.

This girl bridged over to a Senior Girl Scout.
She went swimming.
I got sun burn and very tired.
Take Care,

More sewing

A little bag/purse for sewing club. Hope some little girl will like it. Off to sewing club to sort fabric that someone donated : ) I have 5 days of work and then I will have time to sew for the kids.

Take Care,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Sewing

I had a personal day off work today so I sat with my sewing machine and finally did some sewing for my sewing club. I wish I could see the kids who wear the clothes I make. Just to get the feel if they like them and how they fit.

This little dress took a long time. I started it before Easter and only needed the buttonholes. Well, I discovered that my machine decided not to make buttonholes any more. I finally just did them by hand. Size 12 months.

A pair of Capri pants. Size 3.

A cute top made out of gauze. Size 3.

I was fulling around and wanted to know if I could make a wallet. It turned out O.K. I am sure someone at the homeless shelter can use it. They give out gift cards for meals maybe they can put them in here.

I have only 6 days left of work then summer. Summer is filling up fast with Matthew in Cub Scout Day Camp and softball. Emily will be going to summer softball training and drum line, getting ready for a drum off. Kevin will also be in the drum off so he will be having drum line practice in the evenings. I also hope to get Kevin in to driving school, it just costs a lot. Brian will also be in drum line, but as the instructor.
We hope to get the pool set up this weekend, so the kids can come home and cool off. The temperature here is getting hotter everyday.
Got to go, Matthew has his cross over in Scouts tonight in the foot hills of the Sandia Mountains, Emily has her bridging in Girl Scouts on Saturday at a swimming pool.
Have a great weekend.
Take Care,