Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

May everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

May everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe it, I have only sewed 47 items this year and only 41 went to the B. House kids. The year is not over so I still have time. I have a few jackets cut out and some pants (boy/girl), so once Christmas is over I need to get busy sewing.

Over all in the Sewing club we hit an all time high of 879 items made this year for the kids at the B. House. For only being 12 members I think that is great. All but 4 work full time and I am the only one with kids at home.

One thing I did notice this year was that there was not much clothing made for boys. I made a few tops, pants and pj's, so I think I need to work on that in 2011. All the fabric and patterns that are donated is mostly for girls, so I will have to break our only rule and go buy fabric/patterns suitable for boys.

Another thing the directors at the B. House asked for were; tote bags, that way the mothers can carry their belongings in (instead of trash bags) and so the kids have something to carry their little personal items in (for school too). They also asked for socks and under wear for the kids. We agreed we can purchase those items only if we want too. We are a sewing club (need to make that clear).

Not much else going on here, we did have snow, but it is long gone. Working the fundraiser at Borders everyday and it has been a big headache this year. Sooo glad I won't be doing it next year, yes, I passed it on after 6 years.

Ok, I better get off I have Borders and need to start my Christmas shopping today.

Take Care,


***I need to change/update this blog, Emily left me and started her own blog, so I need to make changes (maybe after Christmas).

Friday, December 17, 2010

First Snow for 2010

We had SNOW. Not much, but enough to give the schools a 2 hour delay. Emily and Matthew went out early and built this guy.

Then it was off to school where we had my kinder class and Matthew's 4th grade class (they are book buddies) New Mexico traditions party (OK, we all know it was a Christmas party, but we can't say that out loud). It was a pot luck and boy did we have food. A lot of parents went, so it was really nice. Then the kids watched Toy Story 3 together. It was a lot of fun, but boy am I tired.
Finished classes and passed. Vacation started from work today, but I am doing a fundraiser for band/girl scouts/boy scouts at the Borders bookstores which will take up all of my time this week. We wrap gifts for donations and so far no one is donating. Its going to be a long week.
All I want to do is sew.
Till next time,
Take care

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Only 3 classes left

Only 3 classes left and then I am done for this semester. Can't wait till next Tuesday and then on some of my evenings I can get back to sewing. I have so many things cut out and a lot of ideas I want to try. Winter break also starts next Friday, so I will have time to sit at the sewing machine.

I do have the band fundraiser at Borders, but not as many days as last year. Not enough parents or students.

The Boy Scouts go for the Christmas trees this Sat. and Matt has been invited to go with them. It will be his first mountain/hiking/Scouting trip with out me (I have class). Kevin will be there, but they keep siblings apart. He is excited, I am nervous. Any new ideas for lunch would be appreciated, we are tired of the same thing.

I am ready for the break from work. In all my years with Girl/Boy Scouts, and being an EA, I have never had to use my 1st aid as I have had too this school year. I had hope I would never need it, but glad I had it.

Off to work, everyone have a good day.

Take Care,