Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting week

The state of NM has natural gas back. But are now dealing with water damage due to frozen pipes. 20 schools in the APS area were damaged due to the pipes busting. A lot of equipment/books and students work were lost.

At the school where I work we did not get any of that kind of damage, but we did not have heat in the kinder area. Poor kiddos worked with their jackets/glove and hats on. We did break every kind of rule there is and brought in our own portable (electric) heaters. That helped heat the rooms a bit. We also combined classes. But 40 kinders in one class was a bit overwhelming for our special ones. So hot chocolate/tea, blankets and fuzzy teddy bears helped in that area. We told them we were camping (next time we are taking a tent). We are going camping in the class room again at the end of school, this time with s'mores. The kids thought that was a hoot. Things were back to normal on Thursday for our 100th day of school celebration, so everything is good.

The weather has been warming up, Em went to the UNM ladies softball game on Sat. and came home with a bad sunburn. So I need to get ready for the hot weather that will come soon. Need to take otter pop and sun screen to school for when the special one get too hot. Our class this year has a lot of medical issues and that scares me so I want to be ready for anything.

Due to the exciting month, I am sorry to say NO sewing has been done. I am happy to say that everyone in the sewing group agreed that we may purchase our own fabric if we want too. However, we still have the challenge of making most of our clothing with donated fabric. Now I need a third job just for fabric. ha ha. It is good to know now that I don't have to struggle making pants for the kids. I have several cut out, just need to sit and sew and go get elastic.

Take care, keep warm or cool where ever you are,


Saturday, February 5, 2011

State of Emergency

Wow! New Mexico has been in a "State Of Emergency" due to a shortage of natural gas and rolling black outs. We were not affected, but just friends just a few blocks were with out gas. My mom, sister and brother and all my extended family in Taos were with out gas and power for 2 days. Some people still don't have gas. Power has been on and off over there. My father-in-law is one of the lucky ones, he has propane and a wood stove.

Schools and Universities have been cancelled for the past 3 days. My son at NMSU has had gas, but is dealing with rolling blackouts.

With 4 snow days I will have to work till June 3rd. This is a first for me and my kids to go to school in June. (we just don't have snow days here in NM) And to think, there was NO snow. It was just cold, very cold. A lot of the schools here had pipes burst (thankfully not the school I work at or my kids high school).

No sewing was done, just stitching and reading "Farmer Boy" to Matthew. He reads me a book of his choice and I read him a book of my choice.

Take Care and stay warm,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The starting of my quilt and our snow day

Here is the beginning of my quilt. With these snow days I have had time to do the stitching. I have about 3 more to go. No, I am not planning how to do the quilt, it will go according to my stitching and how many I do. I don't even have the fabric for the quilt. This has been fun. Some how I will make it work.

Yesterday we had our second snow day and Matthew decided he wants to cook by himself. As he said " I won't be the Boy Scout at camp that burns the food or does not know how to cook" "I will be the Boy Scout that knows how to cook and make a fire". Not sure what that is about.
He made all of us pancake for breakfast in the shapes of bear faces and with chocolate chips. He also helped me make bread and he made his dad lunch. He wanted to make apple pies, but instead went out to shovel snow for our elderly neighbors and came home with $3.50. He was so excited.

His dads lunch.

Matthew and Emily playing (freezing) outside.

These two made a small hill (they wheeled in snow from behind our fence) to sled on. I did take them to the school, but it was way too cold to stay long and not enough snow.

He is playing "army". He would like to go into the services like his tio Patrick and nino Greg.
We are on our 3rd snow day. Due to freezing temperatures. We here in Albuquerque are just not used to the cold. Just wish we would of gotten more snow, because of the fire dangers we will have come spring. We are having rolling black outs and more than 20,000 homes don't have gas. Yikes! How I wish I had a wood stove.
Take care and stay warm,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Snow Day

Due to ice and the cold and wind. We only got about 3 - 4 inches of snow, but it is cold. I am glad we don't have school due to the cold, but worried about the kiddos who don't have enough food to eat at home and the one who don't have coats. I did give a few kids some of coats Matthew out grew. I hope they stay warm.

Planning to bake bread and apple pies today. Need to keep the house warm, Kevin is still sick. He ran a fever all yesterday and last night. Hope he gets better soon.

While Emily and Matthew played outside, I stayed in and did some embroidery. After making my husband his quilt, I now want my own so do the kids.

Take care,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

I know this may sound strange to a lot of readers, but we are so excited, because we have snow and a snow day. Not much snow, around 2", but APS decided the roads were too icy for the buses and I am not complaining. I will do that in May when we have to make up the snow day.

This is our first real snow fall. Yhea! While everyone is getting snow we have had temps in the 50/60's. Older kids not happy for they are sick and can't play in the snow. Oh well, Matthew will do that for them.

Pretty, but dangerous (believe me I know).

This front end loader won't be of any use, its stuck in snow.

These geese stopped for a visit on Monday morning. Pretty.
I have been playing around in the sewing room with doll quilts/clothes. Hope to finish today if playing does not get in the way. Ha Ha.
Take care and have fun in the snow.