Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to work

Work has started for me. I am in a class room with 27 kinders, 6 are Special Ed., 1 is not potty trained and needs to be feed, 2 near potty trained, 1 E.D. and a runner, and 1 is a stroke victim. In the general ed we have 4 kiddos that just turned 5 (so young), and they act it, they are too young to be in a class room. They are lost and do a lot of crying, some don't even know how to use scissors and are afraid of the water fountain. I have my hands full. I don't do any duty because I have to stay with my 6 (which the other duties are upset about), but I do have to go to P.E., Music and library. So it makes for a long day.

We took Brian to NMSU to his little apartment. Sad to leave him there.

My kids started school and so far things are going good. We are all getting used to getting up at 5 am and getting the two older ones on school property a few minutes before 6 am. Things will be changing next week when I start my classes.

Yes, you heard right. Classes. I am a full time student. I will be studying Spanish (speaking, reading, writing and heritage). I have been a translator at the school I work at for the past year and would like to help all our Spanish speaking students more (it also pays more). So off to school I go.

No sewing has been done, but I got a lot of fun yarn stuff that my late mother-in-law made/stated and did not finish, so I will be working on that.

Take care,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little of nothing

A few pictures from our front yard in Taos.

This is the front gate at my in-laws home in Taos. Part of the Taos Mountain can be seen in the back ground.

Wow, can't believe summer is over. I go back to work Thursday. The kids have already started sports and band camp. They start school next week. We take Brian back to college this weekend.
Take Care,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barbie is cold

My great niece is in NM from TX and was here at the house yesterday. She played with Emily's Barbie and found it neat that Em's barbies had sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. So while she went on to Taos this tia (aunt) got to work and made a sleeping bag with pillow, a quilted blanket with pillow and a blanket with a pillow. My niece will be picking them up tomorrow. She does know about them and has seen pictures from Em's phone. The Barbie in the photo's is mine from when I was a kid.

Hope her Barbies stay warm.
Take Care,

A few summer outfits

Here are a few summer outfits I made for sewing club. It's still hot out here so the kids will still get to wear these. The evenings are getting cooler so I want to start on pants and warmer things.

A pair of Capri's. They have more brown than the picture shows.

A gauze summer top and Capri's.

Summer top and shorts. (love the fabric of the top)

Summer pink top and shorts.

Not much sewing has been done, I have some other things cut out, but have not found the time to sew. I feel so guilty. I know these kids need bags to carry school stuff so I want to get a few made up. It has to be this week because I start work next week :(
I also am returning to school. I have a Associate Degree, but need more schooling (my Bachelor's). I really don't want to be an EA all my life. I will be taking some Spanish classes (we are getting more and more children who's first language is Spanish) so I need to learn all I can. I will start classes at the end of the month. So my sewing will slow down even more, but if I can make 2 things a month I will be happy. Blankets and kid friendly totes are easy and needed going into fall and winter. Some pants will also be made, they are easy to make too.
Take care,