Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today wasn't a very good day since 6:30 this morning. First of all I woke up super late so I rushed to find all my clothes and do my hair because I cut it last night. Then I ran to the bus stop just in time, but it wasn't until I was on the bus that I realized......i had forgotten to eat breakfast! When I got to school my hair went berserk and my instrument in band wasn't working right for some reason. 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th period were okay but just really boring. Then at lunch I could not eat because I had forgotten my lunch money. Finally after 6th and 7th period I got on the bus and went home relieved to finally be able to relax. I walked up to the front door and searched my backpack for my key but suddenly I remembered it was inside the house. I was locked out. Isn't that one crazy day!haha but now I am happy because all my homework is done and I can just relax and write in my blog. Tomorrow I think I will make a pillow for my friend out of this Dallas Cowboys fabric that I got from my mom. Making pillows are my specialty. Well that's all for now. Tomorrow I hope is good day but I hope it rains because it hasn't rained here in a long time.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

GREAT day today

Hey everyone!

Today was awesome! School was normal. I hardly got any homework at all so I consider myself lucky! Then I went straight home instead of hanging out with my friends or going to an after school program like I usually do. As soon as I got home I got to work! I sorted through the Girl Scout cookies which doesn't seem hard but I have to deliver 150 boxes by Wednesday. Crazy huh!
Me and my little brother played some basketball then I just practiced shooting hoops cuz i love basketball! Its the best sport to play! Well basketball and volleyball is. I'm taking a volleyball camp next month so I can be on the team in High school, which i am finally going to be a freshmen next year! yesssss haha I cant wait. It s gonna be a lot harder but I get to take more electives and more sports then I could in middle school. Well I guess I better go get all my school stuff organized for tomorrow, because right now I can't even remember where I put my homework! Oh yeah I got the Twilight soundtrack and I have to say its awesome! I recommend you buy it if you liked the book and the movie. Did I mention.....I love Twilight!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today was once again an average sunday for me, except that I spent a couple hours cleaning my room (which isn't even close to be finished haha) and it looks a lot better now then it did yesterday! Then this afternoon me and my mom went to our Girl Scout meeting. It was very exciting for one reason! Girl Scout Cookies came in!!! Yay its that time of the year again where everyone spends a day laying on the couch in front of the T.V. munching on girl scout cookies!
Well I should be going to bed now, because I have yet again another long day of school tomorrow but i have more to say. Yup my mom baked some bread today and I have to say it was deeeelicious. And we ate it with some homemade chili for dinner which was even more deeelicious. Well Thats all for today im off to bed. Goodnight!

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A Sunday post

Hi. Welcome to our blog. This morning was spent in the kitchen baking bread and pinto beans for the week. Spent the afternoon sorting Girl Scout Cookies. Yes, its that time again.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scout Ceremony

Hi everyone!

Tonight we went to my little brothers Cub Scout ceremony. It was pretty cool because we got to see all the cub scouts move up a rank and stuff. Then after they handed out all the awards, a special guest came. They brought a hawk, a falcon and a snake. All the little kids were so excited and I have to admit I was too! The special guest was a lady from a wildlife center and she explained everything about the three animals that she brought. Well thats all I have to say for now!! Talk to you later!

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New Blog!!!

This is the first entry of our mother daughter blog!!! LOL isn't it GREAT!!!! hahaha yup today is very sunny and the perfect day to play outside. Creating this blog was so that friends and family could keep in touch with us since we live in different places and so me and my mom could share our latest creations and fun stuff we have done. I hope everyone enjoys our blog but for right now we are still working on setting it up. So Enjoy!!

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