Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My main goals this summer:
Get a dirtbike at least an 85cc (above is a 2005 yamaha yz85 2 stroke, but suzukis are da bomb)
Start racing MX
Get new shoes ( nikes skate)
Get new clothes for school non uniform
Get a haircut
Go swimming
Have fun
And most of all get rid of my attitude that always gets me into trouble


Monday, June 29, 2009


Gosh I am super tired. This weekend was preety loaded. I went to Cruces with my dad and my brother Brian because Brian had a orientation at NMSU, the college he is going to. Its a pretty cool college and that is where both of my parents attended there college years. Las Cruces is actually pretty big and really beautiful. Then I had girl scouts on Sunday. I found out that as of today it has been officially a month since I went on my Girl Scout Trip. I doesnt seem that long at all! Then today my mom assigned me and my brothers chores. I chose moving the gravel to another spot rather then doing the dishes. I hate dishes. Moving the gravel took 3 hours opposed to dishes would have only taken 15 minutes but I absoulutely hate dishes! But I got a nice tan out of it =).


A library bag I made for E. She reads a lot and did not like her old bag so now she has a new and bigger bag.

I also finished two quilts for some little ones, but can't show them yet, their grandma might see them. Spent the weekend cleaning my sewing area and weeding fabric. Need to get busy sewing to get rid of all the fabric pieces. I have two weeks till the next sewing club meeting, lets see if I can make at least 5 items. Will keep you updated.

In other news my oldest B is a college student at NMSU. He has his ID and dorm assigned to him so that makes it official. He also is the NMSU marching band. Happy and proud, but also sad he will be leaving in a little over a month.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is my mom and me when we went to the Grand Canyon with our girl scout troop. Actually our trip was originally to go to California. In California me and the other 12 girl scouts in our troop stayed at the sea world adventure camp where we got to sleep at sea world, explore it and even go behind the scenes! We stayed there 4 days while our 4 troop leaders (one which was my mom) stayed at the girl scout council in Aneheim. But we did many other things such as go to Disney Land and stop by the Grand Canyon. And get this....We got to go indoor skydiving in Arizona on our way to California!!!!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. It took 2 years of fundraising with my Girl Scout troop but in the end me and my mom had a blast!!


My baby making his own lunch. He's been very interested in cooking lately, so I am taking advantage and letting him do things on his own. Yes, I am right there watching and ready to help.
My mom came last night and is staying with us today, great having her here. She leaves Friday to Washington State for two weeks. Will be worrying about her, but hope she has fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of sewing

A few things I made for the Barrett House Kids. Sorry I could not get the pictures to rotate right side up.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey its me Em again. Long time no post haha. I have been to busy to hang out on the computer. I have been busy with girl scouts and sports and cooking for my familia. Im getting better at cooking. Its helping out my mom and its fun. Soon I start band camp. I normally play the alto saxophone but for marching band I am in the drumline and I will be playing the top bass drum. Yep and that means high school next year!! I cant wait. Oh yeah nice pictures you posted mom. Now we just need one of you and dad. =)

Em =)
Here are some pictures of my kids. They grew up way to fast.

Here is my only good looking daughter E. she is 14 years old. This is taken for her 8th grade promotion May of '09.

My boys, B is 18, K is 16 and M is 8. Handsome bunch. This is taken in front of my mom's house for mothers day '09.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It has been a long time that we blogged. In the time of the last post, E and I went to CA with Girl Scouts, the older boys went to Washington DC with band. B graduated from High School. This past weekend we went to Taos to get B's car. Mom got him a old, but good car to take to college. In a little over a month he leaves. Visits are always short. Pictures to come.