Monday, February 23, 2009

GREAT day today

Hey everyone!

Today was awesome! School was normal. I hardly got any homework at all so I consider myself lucky! Then I went straight home instead of hanging out with my friends or going to an after school program like I usually do. As soon as I got home I got to work! I sorted through the Girl Scout cookies which doesn't seem hard but I have to deliver 150 boxes by Wednesday. Crazy huh!
Me and my little brother played some basketball then I just practiced shooting hoops cuz i love basketball! Its the best sport to play! Well basketball and volleyball is. I'm taking a volleyball camp next month so I can be on the team in High school, which i am finally going to be a freshmen next year! yesssss haha I cant wait. It s gonna be a lot harder but I get to take more electives and more sports then I could in middle school. Well I guess I better go get all my school stuff organized for tomorrow, because right now I can't even remember where I put my homework! Oh yeah I got the Twilight soundtrack and I have to say its awesome! I recommend you buy it if you liked the book and the movie. Did I mention.....I love Twilight!!!

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