Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A few summer outfits

Here are a few summer outfits I made for sewing club. It's still hot out here so the kids will still get to wear these. The evenings are getting cooler so I want to start on pants and warmer things.

A pair of Capri's. They have more brown than the picture shows.

A gauze summer top and Capri's.

Summer top and shorts. (love the fabric of the top)

Summer pink top and shorts.

Not much sewing has been done, I have some other things cut out, but have not found the time to sew. I feel so guilty. I know these kids need bags to carry school stuff so I want to get a few made up. It has to be this week because I start work next week :(
I also am returning to school. I have a Associate Degree, but need more schooling (my Bachelor's). I really don't want to be an EA all my life. I will be taking some Spanish classes (we are getting more and more children who's first language is Spanish) so I need to learn all I can. I will start classes at the end of the month. So my sewing will slow down even more, but if I can make 2 things a month I will be happy. Blankets and kid friendly totes are easy and needed going into fall and winter. Some pants will also be made, they are easy to make too.
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