Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some sewing has been done

Wow, can't believe its been more than two weeks. A lot has happen in my side of the world. As you know Kevin went with Boy Scouts on a two week outing. They went to Yellowstone (site seeing), Glacier National Park (backpacking), Grand Teton (rafting) and Durango to the Bar-D restaurant (a tradition for this troop). Everyone arrived safe and sound, however my son and a few other came back with a bad cough. Kevin is recovering well.

We also went to Taos for the "zero" party. A family reunion on my mom side of the family. Any one who turns 10, 20, 50 or 100 gets money (bill wise to equal age) pinned on them. Brian will turn 20 this year, so relatives pinned 20 dollar bills on him. Matthew will be turning 10 so he got 10 dollar bills. Both boys made quite a bit of money.

Let's see what else: oh yes; Emily. Emily was in the Youth Aviation Club last week. She spent the week on the Air Force Base learning about Aviation. Last Thursday she got to fly a small air craft. Emily was up flying around Albuquerque for over an hour and an half. She went with her friend Caroline and her brother Joseph. These three did great. So glad they got to go. And the program was free. They learned a lot.

On Thursday they lady that ran the program let Matthew and I tag along. And because a girl did not show up and they had a spot open for flying, she asked Matthew if he wanted to go up and fly. He said yes and went up for about an hour, he also got to fly on his own.

Driving them to and from base was hectic, a lot of driving. I was also in pain and had some dental work done and landed up with nerve damage on a bottom molar. Went three times to get it fixed plus re-do the feeling they had put in, plus a new feeling plus my sinus's have been bothering. Feel better today.

Among all this I did get some sewing done. No pictures of the children's clothing yet, but fulled around with doll clothes. Love making it now just need to find a source to sell it.

Two aprons and one top.

This is the fabric the sewing club ladies saved for me, I need to get busy on these. Its mostly fall weather fabric.

My in laws front gate in Taos, with the Taos mountain in the background.

My mom with my oldest son Brian and youngest son Matthew. (Kevin was on a Boy Scout outing and Emily did not want her picture taken at this time).

Well that's it for now. I need to get Brian to the Dr. his knees are bothering him, and Kevin needs more signatures for his Eagle project today.
Take Care,

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