Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whew its been a long week

It started with Kevin and his driving lessons with a driving school in the area. This is him in the car he got to drive, he said he liked it better than my Dodge Durango :(. Oh well, I like my car.

Then, Kevin again, got ready over the weekend, packing for the Boy Scout trip to Yellowstone National Park (lucky, a place I would love to go to) instead we're paying for him to go for 2 weeks. They left Monday and should have gotten to Yellowstone last night. I won't hear from him till Friday or Saturday..

This is his last big trip with the troop, hopefully he will complete his Eagle Project soon. This guy is also a senior in high school. How did that happen.

I have also been trying to get paper work going for me to return to college. It has (is) a long process. Need to get my transcripts from NMSU where I got my Associate Degree a long, long time ago.

I also had sinus problems these past two weeks and now a tooth ache, going to the dentist tomorrow and pray this will a clear up. I have things to do.

At sewing club I was given a bag full of fabric. Yards not pieces. YEA!! I just need to be pain free and have energy to sew something up.

That's it.

Take Care,


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Julia said...

I hope you feel better soon so you can get to that big bag of fabric!