Saturday, February 5, 2011

State of Emergency

Wow! New Mexico has been in a "State Of Emergency" due to a shortage of natural gas and rolling black outs. We were not affected, but just friends just a few blocks were with out gas. My mom, sister and brother and all my extended family in Taos were with out gas and power for 2 days. Some people still don't have gas. Power has been on and off over there. My father-in-law is one of the lucky ones, he has propane and a wood stove.

Schools and Universities have been cancelled for the past 3 days. My son at NMSU has had gas, but is dealing with rolling blackouts.

With 4 snow days I will have to work till June 3rd. This is a first for me and my kids to go to school in June. (we just don't have snow days here in NM) And to think, there was NO snow. It was just cold, very cold. A lot of the schools here had pipes burst (thankfully not the school I work at or my kids high school).

No sewing was done, just stitching and reading "Farmer Boy" to Matthew. He reads me a book of his choice and I read him a book of my choice.

Take Care and stay warm,



Debby said...

Hi. Thanks for following COzy Blanket. You are entered in my giveaway.
I didn't know this was happening where you live. How scary. We loose power for a week at a time during ice or wind storms. We have no back up heat and have a well. It is terrible. I hope things improve for your area.
I work in a school as well. My son teaches special ed. Our youngest son that was adopted was a spec. ed. student. I will follow you as well.
You have a beautiful family.

m&em said...

Thanks for the beautiful comment. I don't know how you do it when you loose power. We here in NM are not used to the cold and loosing any services. Take care.