Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting week

The state of NM has natural gas back. But are now dealing with water damage due to frozen pipes. 20 schools in the APS area were damaged due to the pipes busting. A lot of equipment/books and students work were lost.

At the school where I work we did not get any of that kind of damage, but we did not have heat in the kinder area. Poor kiddos worked with their jackets/glove and hats on. We did break every kind of rule there is and brought in our own portable (electric) heaters. That helped heat the rooms a bit. We also combined classes. But 40 kinders in one class was a bit overwhelming for our special ones. So hot chocolate/tea, blankets and fuzzy teddy bears helped in that area. We told them we were camping (next time we are taking a tent). We are going camping in the class room again at the end of school, this time with s'mores. The kids thought that was a hoot. Things were back to normal on Thursday for our 100th day of school celebration, so everything is good.

The weather has been warming up, Em went to the UNM ladies softball game on Sat. and came home with a bad sunburn. So I need to get ready for the hot weather that will come soon. Need to take otter pop and sun screen to school for when the special one get too hot. Our class this year has a lot of medical issues and that scares me so I want to be ready for anything.

Due to the exciting month, I am sorry to say NO sewing has been done. I am happy to say that everyone in the sewing group agreed that we may purchase our own fabric if we want too. However, we still have the challenge of making most of our clothing with donated fabric. Now I need a third job just for fabric. ha ha. It is good to know now that I don't have to struggle making pants for the kids. I have several cut out, just need to sit and sew and go get elastic.

Take care, keep warm or cool where ever you are,


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