Thursday, February 3, 2011

The starting of my quilt and our snow day

Here is the beginning of my quilt. With these snow days I have had time to do the stitching. I have about 3 more to go. No, I am not planning how to do the quilt, it will go according to my stitching and how many I do. I don't even have the fabric for the quilt. This has been fun. Some how I will make it work.

Yesterday we had our second snow day and Matthew decided he wants to cook by himself. As he said " I won't be the Boy Scout at camp that burns the food or does not know how to cook" "I will be the Boy Scout that knows how to cook and make a fire". Not sure what that is about.
He made all of us pancake for breakfast in the shapes of bear faces and with chocolate chips. He also helped me make bread and he made his dad lunch. He wanted to make apple pies, but instead went out to shovel snow for our elderly neighbors and came home with $3.50. He was so excited.

His dads lunch.

Matthew and Emily playing (freezing) outside.

These two made a small hill (they wheeled in snow from behind our fence) to sled on. I did take them to the school, but it was way too cold to stay long and not enough snow.

He is playing "army". He would like to go into the services like his tio Patrick and nino Greg.
We are on our 3rd snow day. Due to freezing temperatures. We here in Albuquerque are just not used to the cold. Just wish we would of gotten more snow, because of the fire dangers we will have come spring. We are having rolling black outs and more than 20,000 homes don't have gas. Yikes! How I wish I had a wood stove.
Take care and stay warm,


Summerset said...

My son loves to cook, too. He will not starve, my daughter on the other hand . . .

My son loves to run around the yard, too, and build snow forts and play all sorts of army/indians/whatever games, all year long.

m&em said...

Sounds just like my 10 year old son. Add in legos, nerf guns and knix all over the house and yard.