Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Only 3 classes left

Only 3 classes left and then I am done for this semester. Can't wait till next Tuesday and then on some of my evenings I can get back to sewing. I have so many things cut out and a lot of ideas I want to try. Winter break also starts next Friday, so I will have time to sit at the sewing machine.

I do have the band fundraiser at Borders, but not as many days as last year. Not enough parents or students.

The Boy Scouts go for the Christmas trees this Sat. and Matt has been invited to go with them. It will be his first mountain/hiking/Scouting trip with out me (I have class). Kevin will be there, but they keep siblings apart. He is excited, I am nervous. Any new ideas for lunch would be appreciated, we are tired of the same thing.

I am ready for the break from work. In all my years with Girl/Boy Scouts, and being an EA, I have never had to use my 1st aid as I have had too this school year. I had hope I would never need it, but glad I had it.

Off to work, everyone have a good day.

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