Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still here and Balloons

Wow! I can't believe how fast the months are going. I have been busy. Between working my two jobs (O.K. drama club is only an hour, but a very long hour), band for the older ones, volleyball for Em. Scouts for all three. There does not seem time for anything. Not to mention my classes which are coming along. Mid term exams are coming up in two weeks. Am I ready NO.

Kevin's Eagle project has taken all our spare time for the past three weeks. Tonight he is finishing the assembly. Four chairs and a bench for the BH homeless shelter for Women and Children. The same place I sew the children's clothing for.

Here he is working hard. Tomorrow morning Kevin along with some other Scouts and the family will go deliver them, pull weeds and rake the sand in the sand box. It's fall break for us so its a perfect time to deliver and work. Now the hard part is the write up of the project.

I have been sewing here and there, so I will have some pictures soon. Guilt is consuming me. Its getting cold and I really need to get some pants and blankets sewn up for the kids at BH. I wish I had more time to sew.

Work is a struggle everyday, still getting used to being in Kindergarten/Special Ed. Kinder it gets hard with so many kids, but at the same time I enjoy them. I hurt my knee about two weeks ago when one of the students about fell and I went to catch him (he can not really see and is not stable in walking), so every day I have been icing my knee, but its not getting any better. I hope this weekend I can rest it and it gets better. Keep your fingers crossed I didn't really damage it.

Any way. Here in Albuquerque it is Balloon Fiesta time. The weather has been great this year and there are so many balloons up every day. It is so awesome to see hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky. Today was the special shaped ones and of course I had to work so we missed them. I plan to take the kids out tomorrow early to see if we catch them.

Here are a few pictures for you. I will share more tomorrow.

Matthew in front of one as it was inflating. (By the way he turned 10 last month)

Both of these were preparing for lift off.

You can get the feel of what part of the sky looks like.
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