Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Sewing

I had a personal day off work today so I sat with my sewing machine and finally did some sewing for my sewing club. I wish I could see the kids who wear the clothes I make. Just to get the feel if they like them and how they fit.

This little dress took a long time. I started it before Easter and only needed the buttonholes. Well, I discovered that my machine decided not to make buttonholes any more. I finally just did them by hand. Size 12 months.

A pair of Capri pants. Size 3.

A cute top made out of gauze. Size 3.

I was fulling around and wanted to know if I could make a wallet. It turned out O.K. I am sure someone at the homeless shelter can use it. They give out gift cards for meals maybe they can put them in here.

I have only 6 days left of work then summer. Summer is filling up fast with Matthew in Cub Scout Day Camp and softball. Emily will be going to summer softball training and drum line, getting ready for a drum off. Kevin will also be in the drum off so he will be having drum line practice in the evenings. I also hope to get Kevin in to driving school, it just costs a lot. Brian will also be in drum line, but as the instructor.
We hope to get the pool set up this weekend, so the kids can come home and cool off. The temperature here is getting hotter everyday.
Got to go, Matthew has his cross over in Scouts tonight in the foot hills of the Sandia Mountains, Emily has her bridging in Girl Scouts on Saturday at a swimming pool.
Have a great weekend.
Take Care,

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