Thursday, May 13, 2010

I still have a job

I had my evaluation at work today which was good and I still have my job for next year. Six of my co-workers have lost their jobs due to all the budget cuts. I am one of the lucky ones who will be returinng.

My postition is changing. I am being pulled out of Special Ed. and moved to Kindergarten. From 10 students to 27. From no field trips to 1 a month. And little metal chairs, paint and glue. Oh boy, its going to be a big change.

Take care,



Little Munchkins Childcare said...

Congrats. Your job will be easier next year. Enjoy your summer.

Julia said...

Whew! aT least there will still be a paycheck. I taught Kind. at one time. I got too old for it at some point and moved to 6th grade where I stayed.

m&em said...

Thanks Julia, I feel too old for kinder. I sat in the class yesterday afternoon and they wore me out.