Monday, June 14, 2010

Frustration and sewing

Here are the two dresses I made a few weeks ago for my Sewing Club. Because I don't know who wears them, I don't have sizes. So, I just made tie straps so the child can adjust the length.

The "Cow" dress. Size 6.

Red dress with starts. Size 2.

I missed Sewing Club this Saturday and was unable to get these delivered. I spent the day with my mom, youngest sister, aunt and uncle. We went to an indoor flea market and had a blast. I did not purchase anything. My sister found some great dishes.
This little top is causing some of the frustration. My sewing machine just did not want to work with us, spent a lot of time with my seam riper. I would like to make some shorts, but out of all the fabric I have I can't find anything to go with this hot pink. I will have to keep looking.
Size 2

As I was looking for fabric, I decided to clean up my patterns. I had tried making a McCall's top and McCall's and I don't get along (never have, don't know why I kept trying). Major frustration and waste of fabric. Sooo, I gathered all my McCall's patters and will be taking them to Sewing Club next time. Hope fully some of the ladies over there can use them.
Also, I decided to go through my fabric. I just have pieces here and there, because I don't purchase fabric for sewing (its all donated), I get it all from the Sewing Club (that's the point of the Sewing Club). I am thinking I need to go get some basic colors to help make a complete outfit, not just dresses. Also, I need some fabric for boys. Its just frustrating that I don't have pieces large enough to make what I want too.

Well I think I have cooled down a bit, so off to do some cutting of some tops like above. They don't take much fabric and great to use up the pieces I have.
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