Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Littel sewing for the BH home

A little sewing for the BH house. Mostly girl things for I have no fabric for boys. I really need to break the rules and go buy some. I am also tired of working with scraps. I know, I know that is what the sewing group is about, but still, I want to pick the yards of fabric.

A simple dress size 3.

A 2 tiered skirt, size 5.

A simple size 5 skirt.

A top and shorts, size 5.

A apron, small size.

Not much sewing lately. I am not sure where the weeks have been going. I am still going through things, trying to de-clutter this house. Having the boys kind of getting ready for school in the fall so I can see what they need. This past weekend we went to Las Cruces for Kevin's orientation/registration and saw what his dorm room looks like. I am not impressed. The University did a sorry job last weekend. Not much information was given to the parents, lucky I already know what to expect with Brian being there.

Today it is strange outside, everything looks yellow. There is a smokey haze outside and the smell of smoke. There are a number of fires burning here in New Mexico, the biggest is near Los Alamos where the National Labs are.

We need rain.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

Take Care,


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