Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This girl is tired

She is ready for bed. I had her trying on clothes all morning so I could get a picture of her in all of the outfits I have made. She (we) are getting ready for Christmas. She will be going to live with some lucky girl who unfortunately will be at the BH homeless shelter in December.

I still want a few more items of clothing made and a bag in which the clothing plus the doll will fit into. Easy to carry.


Quilt and pillow.

Two pairs of pants and a swim suit cover. I have no idea what swim suit material is so I will be going to Saver's to look for a girls swim suit to cut down. I will also look for another doll.

Shorts and a flare top.

Her night gown. It looks big (will look closely at that)

A summer dress plus a bag. I added a flower on the bag (after the pictures were taken).

An apron so she could cook.

Pants and top for school. (backpack will not be going). I need to copy it.

Ready for winter in a pink coat and hat.

I got the doll at Saver's sometime ago and used her as a model for clothing I have made for dolls at school (did not get pictures). I hope to find more doll to make clothing for and give to the homeless kids. I also love to make doll clothes, it takes very little material. Which I have a lot of.

This is a pictures of the fire near Santa Fe, NM.

This is a pillow I made Matthew to use in the car. It is made from one of his old T-shirts.

He loves Star Wars.

The T-shirt I used.

I hope blogger posts this correctly. I have not had good luck with it in the past when posting a lot of pictures.

Take Care,



Peggy said...

Love the summer dress. I wish you would of told me that you were looking for dolls. Just sent some to the free box :(.

m&em said...

I did'nt really know I was looking for dolls (18"). I just have a lot of good pieces of fabric. Now I want to find more 18" dolls and make clothes to give away.