Friday, July 8, 2011

July fun

I tried to grow tomatoes, but a little bunny and the basketball were against me. I got this one and his brother who is still very green.

A picture of the Sandia Mountains before the fireworks show.

A concert by Casey James (American Idol). This was cool, he was good.
As for the fire work show, they were short and started a fire near the launch site, fire was exciting.

Red sun, due to smoke in the sky from the "Las Conchas fire", near Los Alamos.

Berries from my father-in-laws tree in Taos. Boy were they good. Reminded me of my childhood at my grandparents house in Talpa.

No sewing has been done, it has been so hot here and I had a sinus infection with a bad headache. It finally looks like it going away.

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