Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sewing for the Christmas doll

Every doll needs a swim suit. I cut down an old swim suit and made this for "Dolly". I had never worked with this kind of fabric before and found it both easy and hard. You really need a serger (or is that just me?). It went together real easy. I am not sure if I would make one for anyone larger than a doll.

Here "Dolly" is in her swim suit cover.

Here she is modeling her swim suit.

Another picture of her.

I was told she now needs sandals, a towel and a beach bag. Mmmmm.... we will have to see. Things are getting busy here with Scouts and sports, so time will be shorter.

I named her "Dolly" till she gets a new owner to give her a proper name. I think it fits for now.

Have a great weekend.

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Summerset said...

It turned out cute, and whoever gets Dolly, will probably be thrilled to have her and the cute outfit.

You can sew all swimwear and lingerie with just a regular machine! One key is to use the right needle - my sewing machine guy has me use serger needles in my regular machine for all those funky knits that swimwear is made out of. You should experiment with different types of needles to see what works with your machine. Using a multi-step zigzag stitch if your machine has one is good too, but not necessary. It is the stitch that takes three small stitches as it makes a zigzag in each direction.

m&em said...

Thank you Summerset. I will give the needle and multi-step zigzag.

M~n~M said...

hmm that swimsuit looks mighty familiar... haha
but Dollys swimsuit turned out great!! great job!!

m&em said...

It is called Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Thanks for letting me cut up your old (small) swim suit.