Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break is over. What did I do, you ask?

Get this guy and the rest of the Boy Scouts out of town. They spent Monday thru Saturday camping at the Grand Canyon. They had a good time.

Got to watch this girl warm up and play a full game. Her catching is improving every game. She plays first base. The team as a whole is getting better.

Watch this guy try to catch snow on his tounge. Our first real snow fall in Albq.

It did not last long. By noon it was all gone.

Also spent a lot of hours at Cookie booth sales for Girl Scouts. People are not buying cookies like in years past. So we are down in number of sales. Each girl was to sell 1000 boxes for their trip to Europe, Emily is at about 500. We still have 3 more booth sales this week and then its over till next year. Have to really sell for the Girl Scout candy/nut sales.
I did do some sewing. I need 2 button holes on a little dress I made. I also made a little purse out of a McCall's pattern. Why do I even try using McCall's, the instructions were all wrong and my purse came out a little funny, I need to do some tweaking. Will try to get to sewing on Thursday as this week is filled up with work, softball, cookie booths, and Cub Scouts.
Well, more later, I need to get to work. NMSBA testing starts this week so we are going to have a lot of stressed staff and kids.
Take care,

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