Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally snow

While in Taos, we got snow. Here in Albuquerque we have only gotten a dusting, not much to play in. Well, this is what we woke to on Sunday morning. It was beautiful. The kids got to make a snow man and half an igloo before we left. They got to see their cousins and play in the snow.

They had a great weekend.

My pear tree.

Emily and Matt making their snow man. Matt is behind the tree.

My father in-laws tractor under our swing set.

My pear tree and the cotton wood trees.

I came home early today, as Emily was not feeling well. I think I needed a break too. It was a beautiful, relaxing afternoon. I really wanted to sew, but house work and laundry got in the way. This is the only sewing I got done. It needed to be done. Now Emily's sash is ready for booth sales and Matt's bragging vest is ready for the Pack meetings.

Take care,


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