Monday, January 18, 2010


I keep forgetting to put the pictures first so the come out on the bottom of the post. Anyway, the mountains are the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces, NM. Picture was taken at NMSU stadium in October.

My three day weekend is coming to an end. What did I do?

Nothing, Nothing at all.
I landed up eating something I was not supposed too and had a really bad headache. I have never had a headache like this before. Allergies and sinus problems have also started and probability add to it. Today I have a slight headache, stuffy and tired. I also have a lot to do.
I have a little dress almost complete and a pair of PJ's I need to finish, so I am off to do that. Sewing club is next week, same day as Pine Wood Derby. No, the car is not even started, but that's not my doing.

Take care,


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