Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 already

Can't believe its 2010. Where did the time go.

Borders ended on Christmas Eve and then we went to Taos on Christmas Day. We had a good Christmas up in Taos with all the family. Realized that the house up there needs a lot of work, came back thinking of changes to make.
New Year's was celebrated here in Albuquerque. We rang in the new year with Emily taking pictures of everyone. Had a blast. Stayed up way too late.

Spending way too much time on my Christmas gift : a Netbook Computer. Now I can be on the computer when I want too any time. It is sooo nice.

I did do some sewing last night. I have made two complete boys outfits (pants and dress up shirt). I need to get some t-shirts and maybe some socks to go with the outfits. I have some PJ's cut up, hope to complete those today. Excited, that now I will have more time to do what I like to do SEW and read Blogs.

I went back to see what I sewed last year and came up with these numbers:
73 items sewed,
62 were for the Barrette House,
11 were for the house and gifts.
I went off the pictures that I remembered to take, so I may be off on what was really made.

Everyone is talking about New Year's resolutions; I thought about it and came up with a few:

1. Sew more. (I feel guilty that I did not make enough for the kids at the Barrette House.)
2. Take care of myself by making healthy lifestyle changes.
3. Slowing down in what I do for others (except in my sewing).
4. Learn more: my computer, photography, Spanish, and sewing (maybe some classes are in order).

Well that it for now. I really want to go sew. Once I figure out how to get my pictures out of the family computer I will post some here.

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ya 2010

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Shelley said...

I'd love to see some of your sewing projects on your posts! i always wished I had learned to sew and crochet.
Also - thank you for stopping by my log cabin blog! :-)