Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long Week so Far

I returned to work which is going good. In the afternoons 2 of our kidos are going into a general ed class for Everyday math and I am going with them. What a change to go from 9 students to 28. So far, my 2 are behaving.

I have been sewing. Yes, I have. I got some PJ's done last night. I won't go empty handed to sewing club on Saturday. No, still no pictures I have not had time to play on this new computer. I have to figure out all the Everyday Math CD's. Special Ed did not receive any material (but still have to use Everyday Math). So I was assigned to figure things out and make copies and we need three different grade levels. So that is what I have been doing these past couple of days. OK, that and reading blog from the couch. Yea!

Sad news also hit our community: A young lady (15 yo) a former student of our elementary school and friend of Emily's, was found dead last week. I have known this family for years and had just seen this young lady before Christmas vacation. It is sad to lose someone you watched grow up with your daughter, she was so young. She has twin sisters who go to our school and one of the girls is in Matthew's class. Starting tomorrow there will be counselors on hand for any student/staff who need them. She was buried today. I don't know what to say or think. It is so sad. I keep thinking of her mother.

Hug your loved ones,

Take Care


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