Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why I Went Late to Work on Thursday

Ok, these are out of order, but its Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque and you never know where a balloon is going to land.

Not the Pepsi, but the other balloon landed on our street and blocked my drive way. Yes, I could of gotten out (they offered to move the balloon before deflating it), but I said "no". Matthew has never put up a balloon and this was an awesome experience I could not pass.

It was right in front of the house, so being the good mama I am (ha ha) I let him help. And went to work/school late. I just could not pass this up, Matthew learned a lot, he asked questions, got in the basket, helped deflate the balloon, and the pilot showed him everything to do with ballooning. We had a great time. He learned more in that hour than he learned in the whole two weeks they have been studying balloons in school.

This morning we went to breakfast with the drumline (they have Pageant of the Bands today) at 6 am then Matthew and I went and watched the balloons launch. It was a very beautiful morning for them to go up. The ski was filled with color full balloons. Pictures to come later.

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