Sunday, October 4, 2009

October update

Here we are October. Man has the time passed fast. The weather is cooler and trees are changing color. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is among us. The skies are filled with hot air Balloons. It is so beautiful here in New Mexico.

Homecoming for DN came and went, so did the UNM/NMSU football game. Was busy with other things life had in store and missed both games. Missed watching all four kids perform in the half time shows. But, I had all my kids plus more home on Sunday even if it was only for a few hours.

OK, I did something I said I did not want to do. But, to save the cub scout program at our school, where Matt is a Bear Cub, I signed on as a leader. The other leader stepped down for personal family reasons and I could not sit and watch the Bear Scouts (boys) be put on hold. So I am now a Bear Cub Scout Leader.

Yesterday we went on a field trip to El Rancho De Las Golondrinas. A Spanish Colonial Living Museum. It was a great trip, but at the same time I was in shock. Most of the boys did not know what a live sheep, donkey, cow or chicken looked like. Conection between picuters and live animals did not click.

They were amazed at where corn, pumpkins, sugar and chili came from. The reaction to how tortillas are made was a shock and where apples came from was more of a shocker to them (this one was the shocker). Apples come on trees? That is what they asked. They all thought they came from the grocery store in plastic containers. Most boys and dads picked apples for the first time.

Yes, I am using the word "shock" alot. I just don't know how else to discribe it. These boys and dads where clue less as to where their food comes from.

We also pressed apples in to cider, made tortillas, roasted chili, tasted homemade butter and jams, carded and died wool, stomped grapes for wine and saw lots of farm animals. I was amazed that some of dads were like the boys, they did not know where food came from or were amazed at the animals for they had not seen live farm animals. We missed a lot of the museum because we had to go slow and explain things over and over. The boys and dads had a lot of questions.

I was so proud of my son Matthew for knowing all this. He was able to answer questions and help me inform the boys and their dads. I am glad he knows where his food comes from and how to turn grain to flour to bread or tortillas. He knows how to shuck corn, pick pumpkins, roast chili, make butter. He also know his animals and how to act around them. The group was amazed at how he could do things naturally. Like I said I was one proud mama.

Will post picture in a few. I used Emily's camera and don't know how to down load the pictures.

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