Thursday, August 20, 2009

Checking In

School has stated, I have a good class they are very low academically, but are quiet and they try hard (no behavioral problems this year). Will take a while to get everyone into a routine. We have 3 girls, that's a first. I am so used to boys in Special Ed.

Now for the bad news, I stated work and already I have to take a week off . I have had an on/off tooth ache for about two weeks so I went to the dentist. My bottom wisdom teeth are trying to grow (pop out) and one is infected deep in the root area (not the roots, just the area) so I am on antibiotics. The wisdom teeth are also pushing all my other teeth forward, no wonder its been hard to floss. So within the next 10 days I have to have them surgically removed. The x-rays also show a dark area so they are also going to explore that area. Not only is going to hurt, but its going to cost.

Other news: Brian is doing great. He is taking 200 level classes (sophomore classes). Hope he can keep it up. Kevin and Emily had a good day at high school and yes they got homework. Matthew's class is huge. Its two teachers team teaching and they have a total of 47 kids. Whoa, that's a lot. He also got homework. Lunch and bells were a problem today, hope they get fixed.


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