Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi! This school year has started off great. Our first football game for Del Norte was last night. It was also my first band performance. And get this... Del Norte won. It was the most excting home game in 3 years. It was 21 to 0 and del norte was losing and then we shot up and won 28 to 21!! It was exctiing and playing with the band was awesome. Other then that things have been going well. My moms surgery went well but she had a real bad allergic reaction to the medicane they gave her. She is feeling a bit better now but since she cant take her medicane anymore she is in pain where they did the surgery. Hopefully we can help her feel better soon.
Brian is homesick and so we hope to see him soon. The house is a lot different with him gone. Well I better go. I have tons of homework.

Emily Romero

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