Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer fun!!

Today we went to the park in the morning after dropping off kevin. The pictures above are of my mom on the playgorund and my little brother trying to fit in the baby swing but it doesnt really work. It was pretty funny to watch though!!
Early this morning we dropped my brother Kevin off at our church so he could go camping with his boy scout troop. They are going to the pecos mountains for a week and he is in charge because he is the senior patrol leader of their troop. He is in the back row second from the right.

This is when we went to Taos with my brothers girl friend. It was her first time there so we stopped at the rio grande gorge bridge and the above picture is my dad. My brothers girlfriend was all scared because whenever a car went on the bridge it shakes. But she will get used to it because our family goes on it all the time.

And this is a picture of me in my favorite spot in the whole world. I am in my grandparents apple tree in Taos, New Mexico. I love going to Taos. It is so much fun cuz every time I go I have an adventure haha but it usually ends up getting me into trouble.

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