Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boy am I tired. In band camp the sun really gets to you haha. Mr. O made us do tons of running and pushups and 100 jumping jacks. Well thats not to bad, its actually easier then it sounds. But the hardest part is standing. The drumline stands up almost the whole day, we only sit for breaks and lunch. Its not to bad. I actually really like being on the drumline because we are unique and everyone respects us. Its funny because when we walk back to the band room for lunch everyone stays out of our way and lets us go first. The rule is, the drumline doesnt get in the way of people, people get in the way of us. I like high school band lots more then middle school band because everyone is pretty much friends with everyone else so there isnt to many arguements............yet =P Anyway I better go practice for tomorrow. Wish us luck, we are trying to get our show finished to perfection as soon as possible. Oh by the way in our show the drumline doesnt just play the drums, we have to play kazzoos and dress up as cowboys and gargle with water and all sorts of crazy stuff. This years show is gonna be pretty cool in a unique crazy fun kinda way haha


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