Saturday, September 10, 2011


The weather is cooling down here and I had NO where to be this Saturday, so, I finally made Matt some pajama pants ( I had been trying all summer to get these done). Yes, they are a little big, but this kid likes to move a lot and keeps growing. The fabric comes from my late mother-in-laws stash. It is a hockey print. They do have a navy blue cuff on the bottom, but my camera was in one of its moods and only let me take 2 pictures.

Hope they keep him warm on these cool nights. Next time I will go a little smaller on the legs and cuffs, but keep the length. He does want me to make him some more. Yea!

I also worked on my blue work snowman quilt, but could not get a picture. Also, putting together a blanket quilt that my mom hand made. Hope to finish that today. I also have three pair of jeans to alter plus one top. Then I need to work on some more doll cloths. I found another doll, so I better get to work making fall and winter clothes for her and Dolly.

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