Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to Catch up

We are back in town after being gone for the funeral services of my mother -in-law. It has been a long emotional 3 weeks. The family is doing their best to cope knowing that grandma is not around anymore. She loved having all her family around her, either cooking, gardening or just walking around the house. She will be missed.

We had a scare when my 12 year old nephew fainted during the funeral mass and landed up in the hospital with a slight concussion. Never want to see that happen again. He is doing better now.

Got to see a lot of family and meet some new additions. Jessie would of love seeing all the family and the new babies.

All the grand kids are trying to catch up on school work. Being off for 4 days really put the pressures on them. Especially the college students. Three of them missed finals and are really struggling to finish out the semester with decent grades. The high school students have a lot of homework to make up.

* A little venting here: As for the teachers/instructors they don't care what the reason was that they missed and are giving these kids a hard time to make up work/tests. Never have I had to have so much documentation proving that the kids were where they said they were. It seem that these teachers/instructors have no hearts. Maybe its just me, but I thought teachers/instructors were there to help students so they can learn not fail them because they went to a funeral.

Sorry, had to vent a little.

The little boy I work with also gave everyone at school a very hard time. He hit people, cried, hid from staff, left campus (twice) and threw things in the class room. Major melt downs. When I got back he had one day to calm down or be suspended for the rest of the week. He (we) did calm down, no melt downs the rest of this week. He has been very happy. He did get mad at me and told me I can not miss another day of work. I told him I would try, but no promises.

I am trying to catch up on housework, it is not working, but I am trying.

Take care,


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