Friday, April 2, 2010

Rubber Ducks

For paying my social dues at school I belong to the Rubber Duck Society. I get a new duck every month.

No one knows what is going on with APS and our jobs, but we were asked to clean out our desks/tables of personal items (just in case). These are the only things I had in my desk drawer (I don't have a desk, just a drawer). I did have a desk, but the teacher I work with took it over, to stack books. So the ducks came home with me yesterday.
Testing is dragging on. I have been coming home extremely tired. The kids at school are so worked up and to add to that it has been very cold and windy.
Today I am trying to clean house and Emily has a game this afternoon. I still don't know what we are doing for Easter.
For now I want to wish every body a very HAPPY EASTER. Have a fun and safe weekend.
Take care,


Julia said...

best wishes for your job security. The rubber ducks are really cute!

Little Munchkins Childcare said...

Just don't let little C see those ducks. Then he will want me to buy them for him. His collection is growing too much.

m&em said...

Thats what Em & Matt said. I will remember that Little C likes them when I get rid of them.