Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A visit to the ER and back to work

This past weekend as Matthew went on his first camping trip out of state with the Boy Scouts, we headed up to Taos to visit grandma T and grandpa R. My Kevin decided he wanted to visit the local hospitals ER, so he had a massive back spasm, which numbed/tingly his arms/hands. They did not find anything else wrong, gave him some pain killers and sent him home. Talk about a stressful weekend, one son out of state (just got off his boot after breaking his ankle 8 weeks ago) and one in so much pain, laying in a hospital bed. ugh!

Both Emily and Matthew are registered for school. They got the classes they wanted. Both with be in new schools, Emily will go to the same high school just a whole new building as a senior. Matthew will be headed to middle school, his first year (6th  grade).

I started work this past Tuesday and am depressed. I am back in Special Ed. I know 3 of the kids returning and their parents make things hard for the kids and teachers. I really liked working in kinder general ed. this summer. Its a big difference.

Even this post is depressing with no pictures so here is one of the cranes from the Bosque Del Apache.

They seem happy just to find a spot to land.

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