Monday, February 20, 2012

I was supposed to......

On this vacation weekend:

I was supposed to...

....catch up on laundry
....clean house something for the BH kiddoes
....take pictures of the items I sewed for the BH kiddos Boy Scout paper work
....copy pictures for Cub Scouts Matthew reorganize his room
....make Arrow of light plaque (or something similar) for Matthew


went to thrift stores (bought nothing)
spent a whole afternoon at the library
made biscochitos (the kids did, I supervised)
cleaned and made pinto beans
fried sopapillas
and spent all day today watching family videos with these two

A great three day weekend in my books... wish my other two boys would of been here too.

Take Care,


***will worry about the other things this week.

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Anonymous said...

That pictures so old!!