Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snow, Billy Bear

The Sandia mountains on Friday, October 7, 2011.

Snow in the Sandia Mountains.

Balloon with the clouds over the Sandias.

Bee balloon

This one went right over us.

Finally, we got to see the balloons from our street. They really don't come our way.

Billy Bear Balloon. We have a book about him in the class room that I have read a lot the last week. Nice to get a picture of him above my house.

This one is coming over the house.

The Balloon Fiesta was great this year. Lots of new balloons.

Sewing was done, pictures to come. Just need to add buttons and elastic.

Take care,



Peggy said...

Awesome!!! So what is the story about Billy Bear?

m&em said...

The pilot worte a book about: Where is Billy Bear". It shows a lot from the balloon fiesta, lauch, special shapes, glows. Then at the end there is Billy Bear inflating then flying. About 5 years ago the pilot gave all the kids in kinder a copy of the book. My kids did not get one, but I am on the hunt for one for me.