Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Stressfull week

It began with the son of my friend taking his own life. He was 19 and a 2009 graduate from Del Norte High School. He was also a friend of my son Brian. They had gifted, honors and AP classes together. He was a student at LSU, but had come home (reasons unknown). Reason Unknown on why he took his life. I know his mother through the church and CCD classes we both taught at. She is also a Sp. Ed. EA like me, so we have many training together. May peace come to this family.

Other news: No real sewing. I brought home some pillows someone had started and donated, and stuffed them. I also made two small teddy bears and have cut a top and pair of pant, but have not had time to sew them.

Emily's softball is taking up a lot of time. The driving around is getting to me and the season has not even started.

Matthew has been sick and this Saturday had a Lobo men's basketball game which was fun, and then on the same day his Blue and Gold for Scouts. He is now considered a Webelo Scout. Means he is growing up.

I will post pictures as soon as I down load them from Emily's camera.

Take care,


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