Thursday, November 12, 2009

WOW its been a long time

Wow, I can't believe its been so long from the last post. Time flies when your busy. What has been going on:

Went to Taos for one day to turn the pilot on the heater so pipes don't freeze. The temps have been getting low. I also got to pick some apples and still trying to fry and freeze them.

Went to Las Cruces for the Tournament of the Bands and got to see my three older kids perform in one day. It was cold, but worth it. I got to see Brian play for the first time live.

We got 2 new students in class and they are ED and driving us nuts.

Sold goodies for Girl Scouts at the Lego Robotic competition.

Ran a booth for my sewing group at the church ministry.

Cub Scout stuff and Boy Scout stuff were done.

Had yesterday off to relax, but landed up cleaning my sewing area, then my closet, then the bath rooms and kitchen. Also, cleaned the garage and did laundry. Things I just could not get too. Now that things are clean I need a day to relax.

Here is a picture of Brian performing for NMSU Pride Marching Band. I think its a cool picture.

Off to work. Enjoy your day.

Take Care


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